Level up your finance analytics skills with resources from TC19

It’s no secret: Finance teams are falling in love with modern analytics. Developing data analytics skills is the top priority for finance teams, according to a ۲۰۱۹ Grant Thornton survey. Whether data analytics skills are on your CFO’s wish list or are one of your New Year’s resolutions, the Tableau Community has the resources to help you succeed. We saw the power of our Finance Community in person at Tableau Conference 2019, with the most attendees from finance organizations and more finance analytics presentations ever at TC. The Finance Analytics Cabana in Data Village was flooded with finance professionals looking to meet their peers, gain inspiration, and learn best practices.

Hot topics covered in the office of finance meetup and customer presentations from Charles Schwab, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eide Bailly, among others, included preparing financial data for analysis, reducing manual processes in financial reporting, assessing and controlling risk, and improving operational efficiency.

Whether you went to TC and want to bring back some rich content for your finance team or you are just learning how Tableau transforms finance departments, this article is for you. We’ll provide a brief recap of six presentations, surface some of the key learnings, share a link to the session—and its related recording, if available, and help you decide which presentations you should spend your time watching (or re-watching). Let’s dive in.

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